David Piper Talks About The Old Artifacts From Everglades Wonder Gardens

On March 12th of 2015, Southwest Florida Television got to join Everglades Wonder Gardens Director, John Brady and several board members of *Bonita Wonder Gardens as they were doing their due diligence for the purchase of Everglades Wonder Gardens.

Our group met David Piper at his storage unit to inventory some of the old artifacts that used to be on display in the museum at the original Everglades Wonder Gardens. Many of these rare items hadn’t been seen in years. Seeing the artifacts and hearing David talk about them was a great experience for everyone. What’s even more exciting is that these items will be returning to the museum for future generations to enjoy.

When we arrived the first thing we got to see was Big Joe. Big Joe was the star at Everglades Wonder Gardens. He was the first thing visitors would see when they walked into the park. Big Joe died in 2003, somewhere around the age of 75. In his prime, Big Joe was considered to be the largest American crocodile in the world. He was 15 feet long and weighed nearly 1200 pounds.

Additional video: John Brady talks about the mission to save EWG @ http://swfltv.com/archives/2147

Learn more about Everglades Wonder Gardens at: http://evergladeswondergardes.com

*Bonita Wonder Gardens is a 501(c)(3) Organization