Meet Buddha The Iguana at Everglades Wonder Gardens

Established in 1936, Everglades Wonder Gardens is one of the last survivors of Florida’s Golden Age of roadside attractions.

The Gardens have been reborn with elements such as dozens of bromeliads, a butterfly house and five large staghorn ferns in addition to legacy specimens, including old growth kapok, shaving brush and African mahogany trees. Nestled among all of this greenery and flowers are new and updated animal exhibits such as a flamingo pond, alligator pool with 40 gators, duck ponds, and turtle and tortoise exhibits.

If you visited before summer of 2013, you won’t believe the difference. And if you’ve never come by, you’ll be awed by the beauty of this jewel sitting right in the heart of Downtown Bonita Springs. Easy access from Rt. 41 and I-75. Plenty of parking. Lots of shade. Hundreds of plants and dozens of animals to enjoy. Come wander and wonder!

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buda the iguana at everglades wonder gardens in bonita springs fl

Buda the Iguana at Everglades Wonder Gardens in Bonita Springs, FL