Endangered Slender-Horned Gazelle at the Naples Zoo

See a trio of endangered gazelles native to the unforgiving and otherworldly dunes of the Sahara Desert. Known as slender-horned gazelles, as few as 250 of these elegant creatures may yet traverse northern Africa’s sand seas west of the Nile River. The new arrivals are part of a Species Survival Plan® for these endangered creatures.

For eons, the small gazelles successfully survived in large numbers in their harsh desert environment. Today, only fragmented remnant populations wander the loose sands of regions so challenging they are avoided by modern trans-Saharan routes.

Like many antelopes, they typically live in a herd with a single dominant male, several females, and offspring. To replicate the social units of the wild, accredited zoos cooperate with each other to create bachelor herds at some facilities and breeding herds with a single male at others. Currently, Naples Zoo is caring for a bachelor herd to provide a future for these endangered gazelles.

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