Hand-feed the Giraffes at the Naples Zoo

While strolling through the historic tropical gardens you can hand-feed the giraffes, take a guided Primate Expedition Cruise, catch an animal training session in Safari Canyon and watch as trained professionals hand-feed giant alligators.

Learn more @ http://napleszoo.org

hand-feed giraffes naples zoo

Hand-feed the giraffes at the Naples Zoo


african serval kitten

African Serval Kitten

naples zoo giraffe

One of the giraffe at the Naples Zoo

african lion naples zoo

African lion at the Naples Zoo

leopard rock naples zoo

Leopard Rock at Naples Zoo

desert rose naples zoo

Desert Rose at Naples Zoo

jungle larry safari jane snakes alive naples zoo

Jungle Larry and Safari Janes Snakes Alive! show at the Naples Zoo

alligator feeding at the naples zoo

Alligator feeding at the Naples Zoo ©2014 Southwest Florida Television