Dr. Julian Fennessy talks about Giraffe Conservation while visiting Naples Zoo

One of the most recognizable animals on the planet is also one of the least studied. That’s especially challenging at a time when we’ve lost 40% – almost half the world’s wild giraffes in about a decade.

Dr. Julian Fennessy, is the Executive Director and Conservation Scientist & Trustee of the Giraffe Conservation Foundation. While visiting the Naples Zoo, Dr. Fennessy spoke to us about how the GCF is partnering with zoos and other organizations to help save this iconic creature.

Each time you hand-feed a giraffe at the Naples Zoo, you are helping the Giraffe Conservation Foundation carry out its mission of saving giraffe in the wild.

Learn more about GCF @ www.giraffeconservation.org

Learn more about the giraffe at Naples Zoo @ www.napleszoo.org/giraffe/index.html

naples zoo giraffe

One of the giraffe at the Naples Zoo