Get Wildly Close to Leopards at Naples Zoo’s Leopard Rock

Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens Leopard Rock, is a truly thrilling experience. To create the strongest feeling of no separation between you and the leopards, seven-foot-high glass panels are set within a recess of a rock textured concrete pad – no curb or edge to break the illusion. The cats and you can stand nose to nose on the same even surface separated only by just over an inch of clear zoo-grade glass. Living trees, a recreated kopje rock feature, and other features provide natural elements for the leopards to interact with.

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leopards at naples zoo

Leopards at Naples Zoo


leopard roaring at Naples Zoo

Leopard roaring at Naples Zoo

leopard rock naples zoo

Leopard Rock at Naples Zoo


naples zoo leopard

Leopard at Naples Zoo

leopard laying on leopard rock at naples zoo

Leopard resting on Leopard Rock at Naples Zoo

leopard at naples zoo at caribbean gardens

Leopard at Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens

leopard rock naples zoo

A lazy afternoon on Leopard Rock at Naples Zoo